General Presentation: ESPADEVIDA  =  co-housing PLUS                                      in Spain, Germany, Austria and further European countries  



For whom is it   -  How does it work





“ESPADEVIDA - cohousing PLUS" combines private houses or apartments with additional Club-House-Space and various Club-Services providing more harmonious, safety and long term comfortable neighborhood lifestyle. After completion - decisions and finance controlling will continue cost effective, as it is privately organized from the community. 


South Europe

various possible styles   -    depending on location



North Europe

various possible styles   -    depending on location



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ESPADEVIDA - cohousing PLUS - starts in Spain with an interesting apartment-building and location at Costa de Almeria and in next steps followed by locations in Germany, Austria and eastern Europe.  


The complete project-establishment is organized via a special provided ESPADEVIDA Club Forum, starting with the "ONLINE ROUND TABLE MEETINGS" for each individual location. First interested people can meet there, interchanging basic information and involving themselves – together with their future neighbors in the process of individual community-home establishment.


At any location two types of ESPADEVIDA communities are possible. Either a “Multi Generation Community” or a “50+Generation Community” including the soon retiring seniors and the already retired Generation. The first ESPADEVIDA home in southern Spain, the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY has been developed with a focus to the 50+Generation and so is still intergenerational and not just for the one generation of already retired people.






People at any age – juniors, seniors and retired people - would like to live independently in their private homes, however close together in harmonic neighborhood-friendship, sharing various group facilities, like safety-, comfort- and lifestyle services and occasionally exchanging mutual help.


In the past private people organized the complete development process - in case of traditional cohousing-projects which are in some aspects similar to ESPADEVIDA - as privately initiated “bottom up” developments.


Not everybody is able and willing to spend much of his time for such individual community developments. Due to private initiative the results are long term establishment processes. Beside this, if intending to change into another country, other landscape or town-region, no regional personal contacts are existing.  


Solution: co-housing PLUS



A regional professional co-housing PLUS  marketing & building Project-Team (=ESPADEVIDA Project-team) and special organized communication via an individual platform - like the ESPADEVIDA Club Forum with Meetings near location and most time ONLINE ROUND TABLE meetings.


This is for all interested parties, to first understand the possibilities.


How and for whom is the “Club Forum” operating:



The ESPADEVIDA-model with the Club Forum1 (Meeting Point/Round Table Meetings) up to further planning-coordination and the project realization period via Club Forum2+3 covers such requirements. Private people and their interests will be considered and during whole "round table" period coordinated from the ESPADEVIDA Club Forum Manager.


Interested people do not necessarily have to live in the region or country of a proposed community project location. In a project in southern Europe, such as the south of Spain, many of the future residents initially still live in northern Spain or other northern European countries. They can meet regularly ONLINE and participate in the formation of the community. 


Builder Guided - still individual for the Community, but much faster than Private Guided Bottom Up Developments  



In case of a Builder Guided Community Project (ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY/ Spain) the basic planning-concept, like type of houses/flats of an ESPADEVIDA community project and location is already existing. But the important community key elements and function of the Club-House/rooms with various Club House/room facilities etc. additional can be individually defined from the interested Community Group, like also later the various Club-Services. This is moderated, up to completion, from the ESPADEVIDA Project-team/ Club Forum Manager.



The ESPADEVIDA model allows, besides


I)     creating together their individual NEW Community Home

        accompanied by an experienced establishment Team           


II)               "long term maximized lifestyle comfort"


"private community controlled, minimized expenses" 





Only the community has fully control to the type of involved services and involved service provider/partners and this is organized ater via a Club Manager, who is from the community selected. This Club Manager is starting at completion and it can (should) be someone from the community. Only if nobody is able or interested the "Club Forum Manager" during establishment period will introduce a possible future "Club Manager", but still the community decides for this person.



That means, no - from any company or builder defined and engaged - long term Club or Service Management is existing – like an independent service company which would have a normal intention to make out of the services an additional business and profit. There will be mainly only payments for the various comfort services, when a Club Member has asked for.


The Club Manager is just organizing and coordinating the various service provider-offers and possibilities via his desk for all of the ESPADEVIDA-cohousing PLUS  Club Members. Some of them for an example could be constantly ESPADEVIDA-service partners under contract with special preferences for the community.





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