Introduction of the

ESPADEVIDA Ltd.  &  ARTOL3000 European Business Group Founder  


My Name is Heinz Günther, I am now belonging to the more active senior generation with my 69 years and compared to the Photo right side from me, about 15 years ago, where I was playing during a stone laying celebration on my Akkordeon in the exhibition hall of our Spanish office, I now have much less and fully grey, more white hairs. To be true, I think the main reason of this change is not only my age, it is also, because long term business-life on such level of Team and Group responsibility for several companies, not always is such easy, especially looking back to the last years of the more less "sleeping real estate market" in Spain and southern European countries, where there is now a change. A reason for the start of the establishment and first project introduction of ESPADEVIDA in Spain, together with long term experienced local business partner.


In the past, during the time when the spanish real estate market was very quiet, I was also operating - due to my experience as EX-Siemens-engineer - with a German team as consulting-engineer for renewable energy-power plant developments and Investments in Europe.


ARTOL3000 European Business Group  

=  ARTOLiving-and working together in Europe in the 3rd millenium


ARTOL3000 means a new, future oriented way of living, working and creating business together, for all generations, not only the younger people, which are already now continuously active in their business or companies. This is also an invitation to my senior generation if soon retiring or already retired.

It is an invitation to European wide business cooperations, in case of marketing and realizing modern, future oriented community projects and

It is an invitation to private people from all over Europe to participate from the activities of such future oriented innovate business-co-operations.


ESPADEVIDA Ltd. is running the co-housing PLUS business under the same business-culture philosophy and is the ESPADEVIDA Developer and owner of the European trade mark "ESPADEVIDA".



ESPADEVIDA is one of hopefully in the near future much more possibilities and may be other similar solutions, like it is possible with the ESPADEVIDA model, to multiply speed, power and results for all which are interested to live in future in a Multi Generation or 50+Generation community, independent if in Spain, Germany, Austria or in any other European country.


Due to my own experience Community Club Projects are in my mind since many years and I already did write a project development book about this type of special estate nearly 20 years ago, when I did live and work in Mallorca and later Andalucia. Here I could see, that people very often did purchase and concentrate only to the Estate as a building and to the local surrounding of buildings and landscape, but not enough to the short and long term social aspects. At these days it was not the time for this, but my intensive marketing researches and the reality of existing community projects at the market, what I explain in more detail further down, did show very clear, now is the time.  


In these days there are many discussions and doubts about the EU.  For sure - my opinion - any European country and region should also keep his traditions and basic habits and rights and the EU-politician in future must find a way to optimize to cover and consider better the national interest of the individual countries and people. To keep what is good and helpful and what better not should be touched, hopefully the politician and the finance-world will find out.


We should not forget, Europe is not the same like the political EU-organization and we all are Europeans. For an example I feel as a European since I was active as young engineer in London and the Midlands and before this actual EU-construct was existing.


The globalisation in the time of internet cannot be stopped, only hopefully optimized and in these days we can see the negative effects, besides still existing many positive.


So why not concentrating to the positive side of globalisation and using internet for "ONLINE-Conference-Meetings" or ONLINE Round Tables to create and establish together new little Community Lifestyle Worlds.


Anybody, dreaming and thinking about to change to another place to increase life-quality, will find people in similar situations during an ONLINE ROUND TABLE for a regional project


I have worked for a long time in various European countries and thus also cultivated European friendships. At the age of 27, I was active as a young engineer in England, for example, and I would like to see an open, European way of living and working together. In some locations, an ESPADEVIDA- cohousing PLUS residential community can also support such interesting aspects and new friendships. 


I think we really cannot longer expect only from the politician people to change our world, if not in future even we all take more responsibility - retired people together with younger Generations - when we expect changes. This also when we are creating or preparing new business-sectors or projects, like ESPADEVIDA, or similar. Together and each one on his level of past experience and contacts we can change the little worlds around us and when it works, others can follow, can be motivated.


The positive side of my Estate Business interruption period in Spain was, that during this time, based on more than 25 years of Real Estate Development experiences ( see via this link ) in northern and southern Europe, I did search and find out interesting new aspects about coming requirements for real estates with community lifestyle character.


This time did influence me at this stage of my business career as Developer, Business consultant and part time also as coach and mentor, to study the beginnings and the actual situation of the worldwide expanding co-housing scenery.


As a little positive aspect of our internet-leaded globalisation, beside other negative effects in these days, I was able to watch via internet many youtube movies and did read various documentations from private engaged project-managers beside several further social aspect researches - partly financed from governments.


The result, after several month intensive research work, was an answer for private people of all generations how to cover better – and within a much wider range and region, up to other countries - the future requirements, independent where they are living at the moment.


The result of this is an invitation and suggestion to innovative companies from the real estate branch, like builder, architects, estate offices, plot owner and also representatives of large cities, towns and villages.


It is not just an invitation to cooperate in case of ESPADEVIDA. There is enough to do and to improve for all of us and in various aspects of our global expanding business world, to make life in the little world around us more comfortable and save. It is more a general invitation to find may be similar or even further developed solutions and create and build little estate community worlds with more long term lasting live quality.


The aim was, to meet in future a wider range of people with similar dreams - including also people, living at the moment in far distance or even different countries. So I did look for a best possible solution how to multiply this, together with regional estate companies, architects and builders. The result is the ESPADEVIDA model with the CLUB FORUM & ONLNE ROUND TABLES, coordinated during whole planning, building and establishment period from a CLUB FORUM MANAGER.


In case of most co-housing projects normally an active private person is overtaking all of this long term coordination responsibility, often also the marketing, to find further interested people. That is the main reason why this lifestyle - more based on private engagement - could not expand in the same way like there were people dreaming about to life that way. 


Co-housing, or anything similar, was – except from some innovative architects - up to now in Europe not fully transferred on a business level, where still the establishment of individual community key elements from earliest time is only in the hand of the private community group, but all the rest of the complete real estate building business and expansion marketing, like searching for more interested people, is covered from a team of experienced local estate companies. This main version of ESPADEVIDA is called "builder guided" development.


The ESPADEVIDA community model is based on some ideas of co-housing, but in several cases different and more flexible to cover a wider range of people. At the other side even co-housing is not such strictly fixed and also has many individual variations.

So at the end still co-housing is co-housing and ESPADEVIDA is cohousing PLUS. This means it can be at some locations very close to co-housing, but also in many other cases will be much different, depending on the people and individual situation and so we think this model is a new foundation to invite and involve more people like in the past to this modern future oriented lifestyle and also to motivate much more companies from the real estate branch, also like cities, little towns and villages to be involved.


Perhaps these introductions are also a base and a chance to sit down once over a coffee or tea - may be via a Skype-ONLINE chat - and think about whether and where we can create a next, small ESPADEVIDA-cohousing PLUS world. Surely this is better in the end than wasting too much energy criticising others, especially politicians, instead of just doing something ourselves and having a good time and success with like-minded people.



May be you are not waiting for something like ESPADEVIDA,


May be ESPADEVIDA is waiting for you



Either to live in future in an ESPADEVIDA home

or to be involved in a regional ESPADEVIDA business-partnership  



You are invited


Thank you for your attention


 Heinz Günther