The Apartments    

                                        45 m²      60 m²     120 m²        

(  1 bedroom )    (  1/2  bedroom )      (  3 bedroom   ) 


1 or 2 bed apartments between 45 m² and 60 m² and the possibility to combine 2 apartments up to 120 m².


Maximum of flexibility up to a certain stage is not only possible for the community areas, also individual floorplan changes can be considered in earlier decision stages for the apartments. 



ESPADEVIDA is designed to be a comfortable long term or lifelong space to live in a harmonious neighborhood where all have a similar dream about how to live in the future. The building, including floors, corridors and sizes of doors, is designed with all mobility necessities in mind, when required, to give access to all levels, up to the roof terrace, without using stairs.



  “Double sized” Apartments – First more comfort and space

During the earlier promotion period it is possible to combine two one bed apartments into one larger apartment and may be later when this larger size is no longer required, you have the possibility to convert back to the original 60 m² apartments. The other apartment either could be rented out long term or could be sold. So this is another interesting lifestyle-insurance element, at first using more space and later via this investment an ESPADEVIDA Gallery home owner will receive monthly rent via a long term renting client or pensioner. The two apartments will have a unique registration number each, thus giving you the flexibility of choosing whether to combine or separate and sell each unit.


The ESPADEVIDA community rules will stipulate that nobody can buy and rent out this Lifestyle Club home as a holiday apartment for short term use. Any rentals have to comply with ESPADEVIDA community regulations to ensure long term comfort for all Gallery homeowners. So by buying the second one as a life quality-insurance giving you the opportunity of renting it initially for the first 10-15 years to another pensioner and then later using it for themselves.