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In a growingly insecure world, the desire for a more familiar living environment, where one can temporarily withdraw, is increasingly emerging.


The ESPADEVIDA model is based on co-housing, but functions with an accelerating process from project start to implementation. This is why we have developed "cohousing PLUS".   



After studying the market and project solutions in various countries, our "cohousing PLUS" model was established first for the start in Spain. The general intention of the ESPADEVIDA Team Spain is, to motivate real estate entrepreneurs, communities and financial institutions for regional cooperation all over Spain. If a community is interested to realize a cohousing PLUS project, may be based on a cooperative, we can offer also possibilities.    


There are many variations and project types possible with this living model. From an establishment, focused on the 50+ Generation, or Seniors, up to "Multigeneration Villages" for younger people or families with children, sharing their living environment with seniors of all ages.  


We have already initiated the first project of the 50+ Generation variety, in Spain at Costa de Almeria, the "ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY.


An established ESPADEVIDA cohousing PLUS project is very cost effective, as it is privately controlled by all community neighbours - functioning under the same principle as traditional cohousing.


Another aspiration of the ESPADEVIDA Team in Spain is to open the door to an entirely new branch of real estate. To motivate the innovative companies in many towns and regions all over Spain, in order to establish regional group-projects, and generate similar multigeneration or senior cohousing projects as a result.


The market for this lifestyle in many countries, has now also commenced in Spain. Especially the demand amongst seniors is enormously increasing. Each inquiry for cooperation we shall read with interest to find possibilities of tailormade "ESPADEVIDA project-establishment & Marketing cooperation".


We also wish to motivate any reader to be part of a general cohousing community expansion in Spain. This requires an exchange of contact and information.


Are you a regional estate agent, a builder, a private group, an architect, community, a consultant, insurance company or cooperativa etc. and interested to cooperate with our ESPADEVIDA "cohousing PLUS" model ?


Please contact us to share your ideas and interest. If you have a suggestion for a possible future location in Spain, islands included, we will consider the possibilities.


Interested ?


We look forward to hearing from you





  quiénes somos - qué queremos lograr -  qué estamos buscando