Introduction of the ESPADEVIDA Project Team Mojacar-Turre


1.    The Builder, plot owner and seller of the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY

2.    The ESPADEVIDA Marketing & Sales Office - Mojacar Estates

3.    The CLUB FORUM Manager

4.    The ESPADEVIDA Model Developer    



         Marketing: & community set-up coordination:  Mojacar Estates

         Karin Schroter                            moderator of ONLINE ROUND TABLES      

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1. Builder, plot owner and seller of the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY                     -   Pedro Jerez Ramos  &  Francisca Jerez Castaño




Promociones Inmobiliarias Turre SL is a family run business, together with other companies where all the activity centers around construction, transport and quarry.  The shareholders are 100% family members.  We are the third generation continuing the family business and surviving all the ups and downs of the economy, we will continue to offer our services.


During the years we have completed many large projects such as the Hotel Pueblo Indalo in 1981, complexes, water deposits, a winery in Lucainena de Las Torres, factories in Vera, the MOT centre in Vera, two Mercadonas, five hotels in Vera and Mojacar (during the years 1999 to 2005), the Mojacar football pitch (FA specifications), underground parking in Mojacar, housing association projects: 18 in la

Chanca Almeria, 28 in Tabernas, 60 in Olula del Rio, 2 villas in Madrid, college extentions and refurbishing, urbanizations in Vera 2003 to 2005 x 262, Vera 2005-2010 x 173.  We have built our own promotions in Turre, Los Gallardos and some singular projects such as the lift in the centre of Mojacar Pueblo. Also we have done many refurbishment projects and built detached houses.                                            


We bought the large plot for this project already in 2003 and on a part of this land we have already built and handed over 60 apartments. In the past we already did complete the structure for the coming next project with 44 apartments with communal areas.  At our cost we have also urbanized the square in the center of the community of the 168 properties of which the new project ESPADEVIDA will be part of.


At present we have a workforce of approximately 20 people and we have had in the past up to 205 employees.  We have tried to adapt during the difficult periods with the objective to maintain a workforce, our administration manager of 36 years service, and the latest to join our team was 5 years ago.  During the crisis we have continued, like family businesses endeavor, to keep going with a sentimental value towards our people, we want to continue generating work and maintain our workforce and social responsibility we have to them.


We have the appropriate technical and human resources, comprising an architect, an industrial engineer, two technical architects, project managers etc.


We have an extensive machinery plant, including tower cranes, telescopic handlers, cars and vans to transport the staff, etc. and we also have our own concrete plants.


ESPADEVIDA is an exciting project offering a totally new concept in this area.  We will continue to create quality living and improve employment in the local area.  We have the continued support of the head of our family to complete this new project and we hope to gain your confidence in doing so.


2. Mojacar Estates S.L. - ESPADEVIDA Marketing & community set up - coordination

owner: Karin and Albert Schroter                         


After a stressful time as academics in the German Engineering Industry and being owners of our own company, we decided it was time for a change and we embarked on our search to find a quality of life work balance and follow our dreams.


So, as a result of that, 20 years ago we set off with our three young children direction Spain!

We landed in Mojacar and have never looked back since.

In the meantime, our three children have become young adults and have made their lives and studies in far afield countries, more than likely as a consequence of globalization in current times.


Like many others, we have asked ourselves, how do we plan for our future as 50/60+ years?  What kind of society do we want to live in?  In this day and age we cannot expect our family members to look after elderly parents or grandparents as we did in past times.

We would like to keep our independent lifestyle and to do this we need to live in a similar thinking environment.  We think that the ESPADEVIDA cohousing PLUS Project is focusing exactly on this aspect.


It would be unimaginable for us to even consider returning back to Germany and therefore, with that in mind, we are very enthusiastic to be able to offer you a project such as this in our area. There are already many similar projects running in other European countries and we are keen to get this one going.  After all, what better place to do it enjoying one of the best climates in Europe, with around 320 days of sunshine a year?


We would be delighted to accompany you with this alternative lifestyle choice and welcome you to ESPADEVIDA - cohousing PLUS.




3. Member of the Mojacar Estates Sales Team  – Rebecca Graham - long term experienced

    Sales Manager of Mojacar Estates


My working life started as a trainee accountant in a local accountancy practice.  I soon realized that my place was on the other side of the coin and moved to the business sector in project administration roles.  I worked for a while in a large PLC plastics firm as the Group Administrator, moving on I worked for 5 years as the Project Administrator in a joint partnership project between Salford University, Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Manchester Training and Enterprise Council and Cable and Wireless Telecommunications. 

This was at the start of the business internet revolution and the project was funded by the government to help small and medium enterprises understand the internet and its powerful message in the new business world.  The remaining 2 years in the UK, before embarking on my new life in Spain, was spent working as a Business Consultancy Project Administrator for KPMG Auditors, the second largest auditing company in the UK.


I had no idea what to expect when I started my new adventure.  On my own, in a new country, not speaking the language and starting over, all rather daunting, but nevertheless exciting and a new challenge.


Why Mojacar?


My Auntie and Uncle found Mojacar by accident in 1996.  They bought a villa, renovated it and invited all the family over from England for the Christmas break in 1997.  We all fell in love with the area and one by one our family have come over here to live, starting with me in August 2001.


I started working with Mojacar Estates in October 2001 and although I did not speak any Spanish at the time and had no real estate experience, was given the chance to start working with them, for which I will be eternally grateful and I have been there ever since.  I am not sure where the last 15 years have gone but I have certainly enjoyed them and I feel just as happy and positive about this area as I did when I first stepped foot here in 1997. I speak fluent Spanish and have integrated 100% into the Spanish lifestyle. 


I have been running the sales department in Mojacar Estates for many years now and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be part of this new, exciting project, ESPADEVIDA.   I am qualified and have the local knowledge, experience and language skills to help unite potential ESPADEVIDA purchasers consider this exciting new concept and look forward to helping you fulfill your dreams here in Spain. 



4. ESPADEVIDA Developer - Heinz Günther Dipl. Ing.     ARTOL3000  European  Business  Group Ltd.

Project establishment & Business Partner co-ordination  please see:     



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