The intention and philosophy of the Club & the Club-FORUM   

ESPADEVIDA is the answer of a long term, in several European countries active and experienced, project developer - the senior-founder of ARTOL3000 European Business Group, due to changes and new expectations in the social & cultural life of our present world. With 65 he is now part of the retired generation and did live and work in several European countries, also eastern Europe. He decided now for the future to find and work with many other similar thinking people in Europe on a possibility to give his life-experiences, also life long business-experiences now to interested companies and to private people of all Generations and to motivate and to help in various constellations - also interested people and mayors from cities and towns - to establish future oriented Multi Generation or 50+Generation Club Lifestyle communities.


The intention is to invite and connect via the European ESPADEVIDA Lifestyle-Club-Forum the 50+ Generation also like young people and young families with children and retired people of all ages may be also to overtake in their country an active function to interchange information, ideas, friendships and to motivate also others to create similar community locations, small or large, whatever is required and possible in a region.


There are new - and often different to the past - expectations and requirements from people of all ages and generations in Europe how and where to live. To meet this future requirements, from the very begin, ESPADEVIDA with a Meeting Point, the Club-Forum1 and further Forum2 and 3 has been established.




Project and community establishment period up to completion of a project or village part.




If someone is interested to be constantly informed about the possibilities and establishment procedure of a community, this information and communication will be organized and given to all registered and seriously in that location interested people via the Forum-Login to  Club Forum1.



The Club Forum1 is a first Meeting Point and an information-exchange platform. The Club Forum is only operating during the complete project and community establishing phase of an ESPADEVIDA housing-complex or village part.


Club Forum1 is the door to get a better picture for possible later decisions may be to join via Club Forum2+3 a community and to be involved during determining the key elements like Club House and Club Services.


There are 3 Club Forum "rooms".

Club Forum1 is the first Meeting Point-room where people can introduce themselves and then can see also from other possible neighbors some neutral basic introduction information. In case of a "Builder Guided Development" like in case of the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY Club Forum1 is free of charge. Further Info about Club Forum 2 and Club Forum3 please click here.   












After completion of a community project or village part 


All services of an existing housing project are managed via the CLUB, where after completion of a village-part any resident or buyer of a unit is a Club member.


The intention is, that someone of the community from the earliest stage, after project is completed, can overtake the Club Manager function for this location and community and coordinate in future all social aspects, Club facilities and Club-services.


As this is not from the beginnings of a project-establishment clarified and because it is an important lifestyle quality key element, the concept of ESPADEVIDA includes, that in any other case, if nobody from the community wants to overtake this position, the person for this Manager function, which is starting just after completion, will be suggested and organized from the regional Club Forum Manager.


All basics of this coming Club Manager position and the individual from the group required services are suggested and individually worked out during Club Forum3 period from the Club Forum Manager together with the private community group.   


First priority is always that there will be one of the residents who is able and interested to overtake later this Club Management just after completion. The Club Forum Manager will hand over this position to the future Club Manager before completion of a project.


The activities of the Club Forum Manager are finishing after the community Group did overtake the project and from this time on the future ESPADEVIDA Club Manager is overtaking the Club Services coordination.