some further aspects  


              ESPADEVIDA  - European  - Multi Generation  &  50+Generation - community-housing                                


      ( see also at the end the LINK to several project examples, depending on regions and countries ) 


People from all Generation or the 50+Generation are living together, each in his traditional  private own home and space. This can be a house or flat  with all normal traditional standards, like private kitchen etc. Additional there is a common house with a Club and several facilities and services for a comfortable "warm and harmonic living together lifestyle culture" of all generations. On larger possible plot locations it can be a European community with Village parts from groups with different interests or from different countries.


There is a further aspect  possible, which is later to connect  via an ESPADEVIDA- Friendship-Network existing similar Multi Generation housing locations in European countries to be in a further step part of the ESPADEVIDA European Village family. The ESPADEVIDA Club with some - maybe retired interested people can operate as Club Manager in any European country in the future and overtake communication, helping to expand the European Village Club & friendship Network.


As more co-housing communities by the next years will be managed, as more possibilities can be organized via the various Community-Clubs. For an example one of the special services: for some weeks holiday to exchange House or Apartment via the ESPADEVIDA-Club-friendship-network , what could be interesting between people from northern European and people from southern European.


Not a main part, but just, beside many others, for some who are opened to new European friendships with people living in similar community places, an interesting may be long term low budget- culture holiday lifestyle, as their for Families with children, for business people, also like for retired people, will be at those similar connected community locations, also similar services like at the ESPADEVIDA home-location.


Life-insurance-investment: In case of some room-concepts of apartments and houses it is possible that the size can be later reduced easily half and a part can be sold or also rented out later. If later retired people do not need all the large space any more, due segregation possibility half part of a home-unit could be used from other people of the family, like children or grandchildren in future. The other possibility is, that half can be rented out or later half of a larger unit could be sold.






Reservation for a group or a cooperation partner office 

In some special cases for a certain period, a certain small community area with houses/apartments could be reserved for some people ( or also clients of a cooperation partner office ) to build up in the meantime their larger project and community group via an ESPADEVIDA Club Forum- Meeting Point, if there would be a Club Forum Manager, overtaking the Club Forum coordination for their suggested location. 


At northern European locations:


Beside the village houses and little apartment-houses in countryside locations there are covered gallery-areas possible, to have communication space, independent from weather and temperature. The same for larger towns and cities or at the periphery with smaller or larger apartment galleries. Also a little group of small Apartment Gallery Complexes can be combined . 


Possibilities for Towns - town halls - town planning  co-operations


In some locations there is may be also the possibility additional to include a larger bathing, wellness and Spa Park, not just for the ESPADEVIDA community, but opened also to the public of a next town. This helps sometimes to optimize and realize financing for a larger project in town areas and to increase the chance to get an interesting plot which meets more the interests of a town and people already living there together with the people of a new ESPADEVIDA community. This shows, it could be also interesting for cities/town halls to cooperate with private co-housing , Multi-Generation or 50+Generation project groups, developers and building companies. May be that could be in a PPP constellation with a town - interested in establishing a future oriented ESPADEVIDA housing project. 


Via the following LINK there are some examples for different ESPADEVIDA project-variations, depending on type of plot, location, where are also shown examples - for northern countries with colder periods and more rain - beside others, with a suggestion of integrating various covered Gallery Apartment house complexes partly with wellness-center also for the public in or around larger towns and cities: