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Heinz Günther already has many years of development & European marketing experience, also in Spain, due to his activities in Mallorca and later in Andalusia.


A future oriented European lifestyle, possible by different, new development-preparation-concepts and also more linked to all Generations, is also a personal dream of Heinz Günther, one of the founders of the ARTOL3000 European Business Group and ESPADEVIDA Ltd. As senior-Manager he did write several project books, before realizing a project, in the past and partly also influenced Real Estate Development books. Beside this - 20 years ago, during his time at Mallorca - he did write already a "space to live" project-development handbook about solutions and what in future regional real estate developments and housing complexes should additional cover to be "living real estates", a real estate with a heart, with life and not just - like in these days often in the south - most time of the year empty locations. This is for another use also in future OK, if someone is just looking for an estate during holiday periods.


Already existing and coming requirements for a healthful social living together of Generations should be covered much better from the earliest stage of projecting, what needs an additional Marketing instrument, like we present here with the ESPADEVIDA Club-Forum, to involve a possible interested Group from the beginning to determine together the community key element, a Club House and further facilities and future required services.


At the beginnings of his activities in Spain, in Mallorca, he personally could meet many people from northern Europe, living there and missing after one or two years something, the social life and neighborhood. 


Additional to his past Idea, during last years Heinz Günther could see and study already existing housing projects, all over the world, that - also in Europe - under the name of co-housing have been created and have been established to live there constantly. He could see that this is in some cases similar to his concept and Idea many years ago and so ESPADEVIDA is now the further developed result of his past "space to live" Multi Generation project-book, in combination with the studies of many existing Multi-Generation, 50+Generation or co-housing  projects in Europe, USA and Canada. Instead of publishing his project book, he decided to convert some of this information into this ESPADEVIDA page. This to have earlier a communication instrument to start, with the aim no longer to talk and write, but just to do and find more people - company owners, managers, people from town halls and private people, interested in the ESPADEVIDA model.


Due to the ESPADEVIDA life-quality requirements it must be interesting locations and in case of southern countries, like Spain, should not be to far from the coastal areas. In the past this was not easy to find, as such locations always were sold out for large standard holiday-flat developments or Golf Clubs - also often Golf projects are just holiday locations, most time over the year empty. Anybody knows that this market has totally changed and now some very interesting also larger plot locations at beaches can be developed also for this new "Living-Estate" Developments, which require, because of the village-part community establishment periods, longer timescales. 


Heinz Günther, as Senior founder of the Group wants to transfer now with his 66 years all his personal lifetime- experiences, combined with his life-time business experiences, together with some similar thinking people into this European lifestyle projects and Club network. The result is not just another co-housing, it is in some aspects different and further developed for an expansion on a business guided level all over Europe with several additional aspects. Therefore ESPADEVIDA is "co-housing PLUS".


During community establishing and development period the intention is to organize a best possible long term community atmosphere, harmonized via a community heart, the ESPADEVIDA Club and the Club Management with different individually selected services.



May be you have a similar dream ?  

Then this is an invitation via Club Forum1-Meetings (ONLINE ROUND TABLES) first to look and understand more


If we then will communicate and actively participate, each with his possibilities, friendships or business-connections which could be involved, then one day may be we will sit together in an ESPADEVIDA Club room, having a tea or coffee con leche.


This includes also the invitation - beside future citizens - to participate as business people or company owner in the wider region of Spanish coastal areas, where at the moment we operate along Costa de Almeria. We are open and are preparing various cooperation's to establish ESPADEVIDA communities beside in Spain also in Germany and Austria. Beside cooperating with plot owners, we are also open to cooperate with architects and regional real estate offices, with contacts to interesting plots and plot owners. 


We can and must not change the world, but what we still can and should do is, to learn from the past, to come together, to interchange experience, to communicate and create our own little world where to live or how and with whom to do future oriented business.

Not only for us, but also for the younger and coming generations let us sit together, enjoy together communicate and cooperate and give new signals which are linked to the past, but open to the future.                                                                     

 Thank you for your attention  

Heinz Günther


    CLUB-FORUM  -  invitation & inquiry-Form    


Interested to enter the ESPADEVIDA CLUB FORUM1 ?   THERE ARE NO PAYMENT OBLIGATIONS for the Meeting Point Club Forum1 


If you are interested to be constantly informed about other people or a group, interested in an ESPADEVIDA location and community establishment procedure, please let us know and we will organize for you the LOGIN to the Club-FORUM1.


The Club Forum is just operating during the establishment period at the begin as a Meeting Point and in further steps an information-exchange platform, for all seriously interested people. It is the key to get during the Club Forum1 and Club Forum2 due to information and contact exchange a best possible picture for a further decision.

Anybody who is owning - after the Club Forum3 establishment-period -an ESPADEVIDA community-home then will become a Club Member with connection to various services.