Cooperation possibilities  


           A) Business Cooperation, Estate offices, plot owner, building company, architects,

              and: cooperation with cities/little towns and villages, also PPP-cooperations 


           B) private people from a forming co-housing community group, interested to establish or may be                  already did start co-housing,

             or someone, interested to coordinate people from his region or country for the ESPADEVIDA    

             location possibility in Spain/ Costa de Almeria 


A) Business-cooperation or cooperation with town halls


If you are a building company,  estate office, plot owner, architect office or may be you are representing a village or town interested to cooperate or you have a suggestion and contact to an interesting location for ESPADEVIDA, please see via following button some more info and the cooperation inquiry form.

B) Manager function for a further new regional ESPADEVIDA Club-Forum location or coordination function for an ESPADEVIDA location in Spain, Germany or Austria       


Are you interested in the future in an active function with the intention to establish via a Club Forum Meeting Point your own community what is possible if already some interested people are existing.  Beside this there is also a possibility - may be retired people with spare time - to coordinate interested people from a country or region for the actual ESPADEVIDA-location at Costa de Almeria and in future may be to charming lake and mountain districts in Germany or Austria.


Via following button you will find at the very end more info and the cooperation inquiry form: