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A door to a NEW 50+Generation

community lifestyle in Andalucia - near Mojacar beaches

  You have a dream - others may be similar  

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  You are welcome to register and we will inform you in time about the next ONLINE meeting.     

   ESPADEVIDA - cohousing PLUS  


ESPADEVIDA is a new type of community home ( cohousing PLUS ) that features a "round table” establishing period.


During this phase, people can exchange information in order to understand all the potential and possibilities before making further decisions. The conclusion of this phase, will show you in what individual way you wish to be involved in the community establishment procedure.


To make things a lot easier with the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY in Turre, we also organise  ONLINE ROUND TABLE meetings! These meetings will be hosted alongside our “usual” ROUND TABLE meetings in Mojácar/Turre, but in this way, ESPADEVIDA will be more accessible from people all over Europe.

Distance does NOT have to stand in the way of these important discussions about your achievable future.


If you are interested in joining us for the next online info-exchange, please send us your registration inquiry.  

On your behalf, we are continuously searching to find more like-minded neighbours for this very first ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY. We believe that we can strongly increase the life-quality of many people with many futures – by focusing on the individual, with a collective prospect.


We consider and harmonise all forms of interest in this original way of living by combining them into a solid foundation for the first cohousing PLUS community of its kind. These 50+ Generation Lifestyle Homes, open their doors beyond any other “standard” apartment complex, creating a flexible, healthy living-environment in a way you’ve never experienced it before. 


If you’d like to understand more about the various possibilities, during this current pliable phase of establishment – then please be in contact with us before the next developing chapter of the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY begins.