First cohousing PLUS lifestyle home at Costa de Almeria for the

50+ Generation in Turre / Mojacar


Economic purchase prices ( 77.000 - 101.000 € ) with permanently    affordable minimized expenses for services and only when you choose.


You are interested in purchasing 

long term renting -  or rent to try before you buy ? 

Next Round Tables 2019: 

17. Oct. - 21. Nov. - 19. Dec.  

         (Starting: 5 p.m.)  in Turre/near Mojacar  -  Bar Solare, Turre, Av de Almeria 28    

For monthly round table meetings in Turre /Bar Solare no registration required  - only for "Online Round Tables".

        50+ Community Gallery building near Mojacar with 44 Apartments     


                                                    1st floor: 

            Gallery area with elevator * dining room with community kitchen  

                                  Club lounge with Club cinema corner 

                                                               community roof terrace

                              with two pools, relaxing and sitting areas               


                                                   ground floor: 

                  gym area with shower * indoor pool for winterseason * sauna

 entrance desk and Club Manager office * multifunctional rooms like for visits of

    hairdresser, masseur etc.* small room for meetings * garages * store rooms