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“ESPADEVIDA Community Home Projects” combine private houses or apartments with additional Club-House-Space and various Club-Services - individually organized to the requirements of a group, living in an ESPADEVIDA Home - providing more harmonious, safety and long term comfortable neighborhood lifestyle.



      A space for to live together and improve your quality of life

     available at selected locations in SPAIN, followed by further              European countries, like at the Black Sea in Bulgaria etc.


     Depending on location and preferences there will be     

     50+Generation or Multi-Generation communities.



           "Multi Generation" community for:

  • young people or families with children
  • the soon to be retired or already retired generation
  • business people, working from home-office

          "50+Generation" community for: 

  • focusing particularly on people aged 50 and up, the soon to be retired and the already retired. This would still be an intergenerational community.                                                                      

In coastal areas, such as the Costa de Almeria, ESPADEVIDA community projects are being developed for Spaniards and the northern European 50+ generation who are looking for a new home in the south. The already retired generation can organise various services for themselves, at minimal cost.


   not for everybody   -  but for all 





Costa de Almeria beach - not far from the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY





We understand, that this will not be what everybody is looking and dreaming about, when he now or even later has already his comfortable environment and place where to live and where he is happy with, but if not - and there will be in future constantly many people in whole Europe searching for a new comfortable home and lifestyle - think about this new possibility.


          if interested - next step would be:       ( please see the links in this color )


>  at first to look and understand more the basics of an "ESPADEVIDA Community-Lifestyle Club


>  and the "Builder Guided-"or "Private Guided Bottom Up" development, then

>  to decide for a country/ region which could be interesting and to register on the Club Forum of   

    that country/location 

>  then via Club-Forum1 (round table meetings) to be informed about other people, interested in the 

    same country/project/location and  

>  during this time via Club Forum/Round table Meetings and Club Forum2 to get a better "picture" about

    what is possible and with whom together may be to decide and to define the individual requirements      for their own Club House/Club rooms, Club facilities, Services etc. 





The Beginnings - The History - Introduction of the ESPADEVIDA founder


All about ESPAcio DE VIDA (Space to Live - Raum zum Leben) and future oriented development concepts like Multi Generation and 50+Generation projects for Europeans during the past years was written in a special development book for architects, estate offices and other insiders of this business. Heinz Günther decided instead of finishing and presenting this book to the general public, directly to transfer all the key-information and results of past experiences into the ARTOL3000 and the ESPADEVIDA-Community Homepage. This, as he did feel that the time has come now and that there is no more reason to wait for the book-distribution and later after this with new contacts to establish ESPADEVIDA and the Club-Forum projecting and networking.


He is belonging with his 69 years to the still active retired generation which wants to give and transfer lifelong private and business experience to people with similar interests from all generations, independent if private, to live later in such a place, or also if interested in a future oriented business cooperation.


Many private Groups and some innovative companies or architects already did realize Multi-Generation projects, co-housing-projects or 50+Generation community complexes, partly based on similar aspects like co-housing, which are already successfully running all over Europe, like in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria etc. 


Now is the time to start building more future oriented Lifestyle-Estates also for people which are not in the situation to organize their complete development privately together. In case of the ESPADEVIDA model interested people from the earliest stage of a community-project establishment still can be involved via the ESPADEVIDA Club Forum-Meeting Point.


Especially when they are at the moment not living in the same region or country, the coordination via the Club Forum is helping many people with similar interests to meet, define and establish together their community and Club facilities, Club House or Club lounge etc. with several preferred services. This will be moderated and coordinated from a Club Forum Manager. The entrance to register and see others, which are also interested, via the Club Forum1 (starting with round table meetings near location and online round table  meetings  ) is free of charge in case of builder guided projects like the ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY.