13.-14. March 2020 - Mojacar  - Parador Hotel


                                       Introduction of the Organizers

                              THE ESPADEVIDA TEAM SPAIN


 Karin Schröter Mojacar Estates S.L.  /  ESPADEVIDA Projects  consulting  &  cooperation's all over Spain


 Heinz Günther ESPADEVIDA Ltd. &  ARTOL3000 European Business Group Ltd. – Developer & Consultant



Both of the organizers have 30 years of experience in the real estate sector.


Via an architectural office in Frankfurt and in London there were planning, development & building activities of residential and office buildings up to multifunctional office buildings and Ramada Hotel. 

Furthermore, development concepts for a campus, as consultant for a German university, up to models for new modern clinics in Eastern Europe. Currently in 2019, for example, the construction of a project at the black sea was completed, also with the participation as investor.


About 15 years ago, the field of activity from both of the Forum-organizer was expanded to include the use of renewable energies. Solar projects on small private buildings, on company buildings, up to large solar parks in Germany were initiated.


A new special cooperation concept for cooperatives was established in Germany, that enables citizens, towns and communities to avoid the mostly very high project-startup expenses for large projects.


The same principle is in the future a solution and new possibility in case of cohousing PLUS projects, if initiated from existing or new cooperatives. It is more solid and attractive for the banks and even more interesting for communities when they have to make a decision to sell land to cooperatives. 


Some examples to show the range of activities and experiences from the members of the

"ESPADEVIDA cohousing PLUS -FORUM Spain" Team   

> townplanning & consulting, developments incl. project management up to building completion and partly organizing finance-partners   <>   from small buildings up to large complexes in various countries - latest development up to project-completion in August 2019