ESPADEVIDA community establishment possibility with                Club House and individual Club Services                        within the already existing Alhambra Village  


                                                           Alhambra Village-Community establishment          

                                   It is possible to purchase an Arabian Villa via our office and the ESPADEVIDA Team at any time.    

The earliest possible start of a "Club Forum ALHAMBRA VILLAGE" will be during 2018, if there  

 is a minimum of private people existing, which are seriously interested to establish an ESPADEVIDA Club House with various Club Services at this location.  


General Information in case of Alhambra Village ( > Private Guided Development )


The Sales Start of the Arabian Villas was before the official start of ESPADEVIDA and therefore was organized directly from the builder via his Estate Office. But in this special case and location we are prepared, if some private people are interested, also here to coordinate an ESPADEVIDA community Club with Services via a further individual Club Forum. That means in this case of an already existing Village it is not an all including  "Builder Guided Community Project offer", like in case of the complete "Builder Guided" ESPADEVIDA Apartment Gallery", which is exclusively organized for the builder from the regional ESPADEVIDA-Development & Marketing Team. But there is still also for an interested private Group a possibility to establish within the existing Alhambra Village their new  "ESPADEVIDA Community Club House with individual Services" by using the ESPADEVIDA Club Forum as a private interested Group.


In this case it will be a "Private Guided ESPADEVIDA Club Community", what means, as soon when enough people, which are already living in this Village, or people which are interested to buy now a new Arabian Villa, would like to establish their own ESPADEVIDA community, we will introduce an ESPADEVIDA Club Forum Manager. One person of the ESPADEVIDA Business Cooperation Team is already living since many years in the "Alhambra Village".


Any private people, already living there in a villa or any person, interested to buy a new Arabian Villa in the mountains, are invited to contact us for further information- As first step we will just register who is interested and after a minimum of people is existing, further special Club Forum activities and procedures for this location and private Group could start during 2017. 



Phase 1 of the next Arabian Villas project step is already designed with 11 small houses ( 85 m² construction incl. terraces). Additional nearby it is possible to include Arabian Villas from 135 m² up to 270 m². Phase 2 is already prepared for a possible extension up to 39 small Villas plus several large 135 m² Villas.  Each Villa-design is individual and all floor plans are different.


The price for a small Villa is 170.000 € plus additional the ownership-participation-price on the various community facilities, like Club House. Further Details see also the various Alhambra Villa Exposes via this Link.


Depending on the requirements of interested people on Club Forum1 ( Meeting Point) and later during Club Forum 2 procedure there will be defined (first via Skype-conferences and workshop and later meetings) the basic community facilities, especially size, location and room-concept of the future Club-House and later the individually from this group required Club-Services. As a result of this then the Club-House price will be offered to all of the possible community people.  


Those who are interested to purchase and continue with the community establishment and project-realizing procedure, will be coordinated via Club Forum3. The establishment of the various possible and individually from all together selected Club Services will be suggested and prepared also during Club Forum3-period from the Club Forum Manager


Photo further down from an existing similar Community-Project within the Arabian Village

positioned in the past to the European market from the senior founder of ARTOL3000.

*  *  * 

Like in the new offered 50+Generation ESPADEVIDA-community establishment possibility

in this existing project each Villa has also 85 m² (constructed, incl. terrace area) and all together are using a community pool:



11 different floor-plans from the individual designed 85 m² Villas for an ESPADEVIDA Community: 


next floor-plans are an example for Villas with 135 m²:

(more details see via this link to the various Villa-Exposes)



If someone is interested to be involved in an ESPADEVIDA community, but wishes a very large individual Home there is already designed and prepared for the building start following unique Villa - Price: 890.000 €