For the 50+ Generation and pensioners              



 You like the idea of living in a community lifestyle orientated accommodation?


 You want to be more independent from the future economy, financial situations,     currency   exchange, or political decisions?


 You want to afford to keep your existing house or apartment even if you want to move in   a community lifestyle home?


 You are selling your existing house, but you don’t want to invest it all into the next home   and you want to safe a lump sum for the future?


 You are looking for a much more economical alternative to a traditional purchase?


 SEGUDEVIDA could be a new future-oriented alternative to purchasing a new   home.



 It is a special new type of beneficial ownership ( usufruct), where you will have a similar   comfort and secured lifestyle, without the need of purchasing.


Prices on request 

SEGUDEVIDA prices will be always plus 8% transfer tax and Notary and   registration-fees.

                 SEGUDEVIDA for young people                 

                                                                                                                                          NEW alternative to the traditional life-insurance:                       


SEGUDEVIDA as a “Lifequality-insurance” for the young generation           


Another possibility and alternative to a traditional life-insurance for younger people is, to purchase and finance an ESPADEVIDA Apartment for later use. Due to the money input from a provided SEGUDEVIDA–client the monthly mortgage rate would be minimized significantly. 

            SEGUDEVIDA for innovative investors           


                      NEW type of future-oriented solid investment                         


In case of purchasing and not using the apartment right now (younger private people), or with commercial interest as a professional investor:


                                                 Young private people


can buy to use the property at a later stage and secure now their later life-quality – independent from any changes at the finance market, or the general economy.


The purchase will be financed with the money input of the beneficial owner (SEGUDEVIDA-client) and only the rest via bank.


The provided SEGUDEVIDA client replaces the normally needed  equity capital and so the mortgage amount can be minimized.


The monthly repayments of the mortgages can be a new alternative to traditional monthly life insurance payments.


In these instable times it is impossible to know what money can pay you once the life insurance is due. A purchase combined with SEGUDEVIDA provides you NOW with the security of a property.


Maybe it is better to pay and invest now in a future-oriented  apartment-community model. That is why we call it Lifequalityinsurance” now also possible for young people.




can purchase one or more apartments as solid new future-oriented investment. 



The ESPADEVIDA team will organize and coordinate a SEGUDEVIDA-contract, or a long-term renting-contract.